Il progetto web la Filastrocca del Minibasket è in rete all’attuale indirizzo solo come esercizio valido per il Passaporto delle lingue di Giuseppe Di Summa, percorso attualmente in corso, l’attività nel minibasket in corso è solo un hobby.

Giuseppe Di Summa have a 1st level degree – Degree/Bachelor, in Operartion or amministration pubblic and private at the university of Bari. He has experience as a coach ( Minibasket )and dirigent of basketball matured during his 20 years of work as such. From 2004 he has and direct his own web project. He also has experience as speaker gained while working in a web radio.

Former amatorial athlete of soccer, basketball and tennis. He directed minibasket center, participated in association, helped in various research and activities, now present on his personal website.

Freedom is our most sacred legacy. Il marketing sportivo presenta l’importanza della libertà di movimento, sia su superficie piccola, che grande, non solo, troviamo diversi annunci nelle strade commerciali. Ricordate che il “lettore” non è solo in grado di leggere, ma anche di scrivere informazioni.

Motor programs to create efficient sport


It’s all ready to enter the gym dressed with sport suit and shoes together with our kids ,who don’t have to speak about us in a boring way but have to see in our charisma a great way to enthuse e share messages.

For their and our security we provide 3 more definitions:

  • Creation;for us a research center to elaborate and realize a model
  • Progress;for us the performance,oral or written discussion of a topic
  • Motory;that serves the motion which means that it makes the body move in the space or that create a first element of modern words

(Taken from “Presentazione della Filastrocca del Minibasket”)

Running, jumping and Walking

L’educazione si lega alle scienze sociali. Vi è un area geografica di provenienza. Le sequenze che vedi nei video ovviamente non rappresentano nessuna biblioteca e suo archivio. Per cercare autore, testo, libro, come studente, si consiglia la biblioteca e la collocazione, in essa, della disciplina. La domanda è : il copione del maritino è già stravecchio ?

The program “La Filastrocca Del Minibasket.” 

“We should often remember that even the United Nations recognized for children “the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities that are typical of their age and the right to participate freely to cultural and artistic life “. Many of them should be involved in the idea of ​​participating in a Summer Camping. It should not be a surprise for them to spend the summer playing since, already in the Middle Age, “Early Summer Games” were practiced, even if they did not follow any kind of regulation. Today the summer camps are used to discover archaeological sites but also sport. Let them play a game: Minibasket. Minibasket is for children between 5 and 11 years, whether they are creative, introverted, extrovert, weak, tenacious, male or female. They will have to face physical, technical and tactical maturation. Who is the student? The child who chooses to practice Minibasket on his purpose. We must therefore take care of the children’s dream and their emotions but we can not work by considering our experience only, we must avoid the mistake of creating an inadequate context too. The Instructor should not be a sad teacher but someone who can stimulate the knowledge of Biddy Basketball. He must know how to distinguish the emotions of the child from those of the adults, accepting a role, in which we must be ready to question ourselves.

What to teach and what is important to learn?

– a motor learning – forming the personality – motivate in school learning

Learning means to develop:

– Affective Area

– Body Area

– Social Area

– Cognitive area

How to carry out our intervention.

Trying to create collaboration with institutions, first of all the school, which, together with the companies sports, can ensure that you do not give space to the investment of “so much money”, even if we need it, and give the possibility of educating and training.

It would be appropriate to find a leader, perhaps a professional in motor activity, a graduate in physical education, but also young collaborators who want to share solidarity, friendship and passion (we have an interest together).

We try to enhance what the child has lived, to make his desire for movement also

possibility to play and communicate.

It should be remembered that it is with the daily practice that we can verify and improve what the children already learn during winter, both in the classroom and in the gym.

You have tu put in budget and reputation

Why Minibasket ?

The evolution outline will provide an analysis of the ideas which will create a pattern of experiment and future formation.Summarized as follow:

  • Man’s idea
  • Basket’s idea
  • Sport’s idea
  • Structure ‘s idea
  • Work’s idea
  • Formation project
  • Model construction
  • Application of the model in the sperimental course
  • Model
  • Formation course


Running, Jumping,Walking…..

The Finality

Material taken from “Clinic Dirigenti Minibasket-treviso 2002

The considerations that may follow can be useful for who operate at an higher level of Minibasket.Talking of a structure is important,mostly because the Benetton can be taken,as an example or as a model of society which believes in the Italian product,with all the weapons of who wants to make the basket’s movement grow.The ideator have to”think and manifest” to look for the “best” and to create the professionality.We have to highlight a promotional aspect to make the idea become practice and not a rarety.


The initiative is always the one of physical education,with a connection with the families,even though it changes its institutional profiles,not been directly towards the program,like in the past,to the school’s world.The educational value of the physical activity,its meanings remains of the same importance,who write shares the proposal of a ad-hoc teacher in the elementary school.Also the discovery of the communication,suffers during the time a revision,its emotional states are changed ,feeling good,feeling bad,in our love relantionship with sport


  • Methodologic pattern:Program the type of intervention
  • 1-The difficult things don’t have to become reason for contestation
  • 2-A problem is faced through a text and a real possibility
  • Goals:
  • 1-Professional sector(your knowledge)
  • 2-The firm become part of the informative system
  • An advice:
  • Information more favorable on an external environment that make a status increase and create a strong human emotion.

Running ,Jumping ,Walking.


 A series of video of the most common movement of the fame,for both old and young .To the blackboard goes those part of the book,the tables,also the elegance,of practicing sport.In this web space ,Giuseppe Di Summa,embrace the classic vision of his activity in the sport,the one of “corporate” nature,which is for him the most important.The project of Giuseppe Di Summa as an instructor,it’s not a public project,financed,but a limited space,where is shown everything I have been as a Regional Minibasket Instructor.The genre is exactly the of the accountant,of corporate type,we all know that the step in quality are not easy to do.We celebrate the 20 years of Giuseppe Di Summa as an instructor of Minibasket,of course there are places,spaces,where still now school’s projects take place,places where I completely left,this presence confer a different sound to the words,which changes,which you can acknowledge with pleasure in the video section. a series of video of the most common movement of the fame,for both old and young .To the blackboard goes those part of the book,the tables,also the elegance,of practicing sport.In this web space ,Giuseppe Di Summa,embrace the classic vision of his activity in the sport,the one of “corporate” nature,which is for him the most important.The project of Giuseppe Di Summa as an instructor,it’s not a public project,financed,but a limited space,where is shown everything I have been as a Regional Minibasket Instructor.The genre is exactly the of the accountant,of corporate type,we all know that the step in quality are not easy to do.We celebrate the 20 years of Giuseppe Di Summa as an instructor of Minibasket,of course there are places,spaces,where still now school’s projects take place,places where I completely left,this presence confer a different sound to the words,which changes,which you can acknowledge with pleasure in the video section. 

The walk that set us free

The relationship with the psychology of the sport

The optic of the accountant got the best over the one of the politician and a non-idiots being will not be victim of advertising messages but he will worry about not bringing his families into recession.Of interest to us in every family is the assertive behavior.We are entering not surprisingly into the definition of the scale of our needs:physiological,physical dafety ,love and belonging to a group,esteem and self-esteem,self-realization.Those are all requests that born before in a inconsious way and then in a more conscious way.To realize them,but also to define them,we face the negative previsions creators of social anxiety which means a series of negative images indicator of the simple discomfort which borns from the facing of critic situations,like talking in public.The anxiety play a fundamental role in all life situations ,including the one which are not social-wise,generating emotional states which interact on our thought,our behavior and our emotions.The assertive persons develop an anxiety associated to the fear of judgement from others.It follows that they don’t emit the right behavior for fear,or they fail in the attempt of doing it.

Our journey is passive-aggressive-assertive,we have to dominate the anxiety of fear of failure in us through the assertive behavior which produce the following mechanism:

Self-Efficacy:Not feeling anxiety or discomfort due to the rules

Self-monitoring:knowing how to observe our role and our goals

Self-evaluation:Being able to attribute successes and failures

Self-reinforcement:Gratify ourselves when we reach a goal

You need to be able to:Know how to make and how to refuse requests

Being assertive means living practicing our rights in a natural way,without feeling discomfort,recognizing to the others the reciprocity of this assumption

Source : Presentazione ufficiale Filastrocca del Minibasket.


The goal of coach is to have a team with an organized way of playing. The goal of an instructor is to do what make us feel good.


Secret of mind : having enough money to planning , we believe has enough face. 

Giudicare secondo necessità pratiche. E’ chiaro che se pensi che l’atleta fa l’esame, a chi fa il programma, non, invece, viceversa, puoi fare confusione. Il programma, quello della Filastrocca, ne è un esempio, viene ” riscritto “, in base alla partecipazione.

Je m’appelle Joseph

Moi, c’est Joseph

J’étudie français depuis huit mois

C’est mon dernier examen,

Je travaille dans le sport

Je suis un coach de basket

Je suis en sportif depuis trente ans.

J’ai un diplôme en comptabilité

Ma matière préférée c’est la phylosophie.

J’ai passé une année comme objecteur de conscience

Je ne suis pas marié

“La vie est une phrase interrompue”

(La vita è una frase interrotta)

Victor Hugo

Registrazione dei vocaboli

Nous apprenons des enfants.

Quand je rentre dans la salle de sport, la première chose qui me vient à l’esprit est de contrôler mon groupe, de voir combien ils sont, s’ils semblent ennuyés, s’ils sont nerveux etc…

Cela ne suffit pas de préparer sur une feuille le programme de la session d’entraînement (c’est bien de le faire) il faut aussi l’adapter à l’ambiance qu’il y a ce jour-là dans la salle de sport.

L’ENFANT DOIT SE TROUVER AU CŒUR DU JEU et ne pas le subir passivement.

Notre tâche, comme tous ceux qui mènent tous types d’activités éducatives, n’est pas simple. C’est pourquoi, dans un premier temps, je cherche à mettre en évidence l’aspect psychologique du rapport enfant/instructeur.

Un instructeur a été un enfant ou mieux, continue de l’être.

Le développement des capacités motrices est sans aucun doute lié à la maturation du système nerveux.

Le développement psychomoteur va de la tête aux pieds; l’enfant apprend à contrôler d’abord les muscles des lèvres, puis les muscles oculaires, les muscles du cou, des épaules, du tronc, des jambes et enfin des pieds.

C’est un explorateur qui découvre ses propres mouvements à travers ses relations avec les autres.

Le jeu/sport minibasklet doit tenir compte du développement et des étapes de croissance de l’enfant.

Nous commençons par avoir affaire à des enfants qui ne savent pas lire ni écrire et nous les quittons lorsqu’ils savent désormais (on espère) lire et écrire correctement.

Trovare, scoprire, qualcuno o qualcosa


L’adulte doit éduquer l’enfant et doit donc prendre ses responsabilités. Une mauvaise leçon de minibasket produit des dégâts et des tensions. Soit l’enfant idolâtre son instructeur, soit il se met contre lui soit il l’ignore.

L’éducation motrice est l’ensemble complexe d’actions et d’occasions intentionnellement programmées et réalisées (pas d’improvisation) pour permettre à tous d’atteindre le maximum de son propre développement.

Le sujet de l’éducation motrice est l’enfant considéré dans toute son unicité, sa complexité et sa totalité.

Elle se réalise à travers des interventions scientifiquement fondées qui guident et orientent sans façonner et conditionner et qui sont guidées par une programmation éducative, didactique, et structurées selon des objectifs, des moyens, des contenus, des méthodes, des sessions de contrôle et d’évaluation.

Nos raisons

Dans le sport il y a les endroits où aller, où rencontrer les stars, les athlètes, où transmettre sa philosophie. Ces derniers, c’est-à-dire les grands joueurs, nous enseignent qu’il ne leur arrive pas toujours des messages d’encouragements et d’estime. Il y a en effet beaucoup de critiques. N’en parlons pas si le joueur ne marque pas, dans le cas du football, ou bien si le gardien de but prend des buts.

Dans chaque bonne formation on sait qu’il faut faire une “confrontation” entre le modèle de l’instructeur et celui de l’élève, ici vous lisez mon modèle, aux prises avec les comportements qui ralentissent l’inspiration théorique initiale, légitime et formel. Nous verrons donc ensuite où nous serons arrivés, avec cette confrontation.

Nous, que pouvons-nous faire ?

Bien travailler sur les capacités motrices comme on dit souvent, ou bien sur les fondamentaux, nous devons seulement écouter et mettre en pratique les mots de Arthur Ashe, c’est-à-dire que “les champions sont ceux qui veulent laisser leur sport dans de meilleures conditions par rapport à quand ils ont commencé à le pratiquer”.

Etre instructeur de minibasket

.Il faut être du côté des enfants, il est clair que dans les parcours de formation et d’éducation des plus jeunes, ces derniers sont reliés à l’instruction qu’ils reçoivent, l’école valorise capacité et habilité, les transforme en connaissances. Il semble donc évident que nous connaîtrons aussi un enfant qui aime lire, ou bien apprendre les tables de multiplications. Ici c’est l’école qui a rempli son rôle, l’école intervient mieux avec sa formation. Par la suite, le sport saura également faire la même chose, soit créer en partant des habilités, des compétences, qui seront les connaissances d’une discipline sportive.

Le rôle de l’entraîneur.

– L’instructeur est dans la dimension du jeu, c’est-à-dire dans le parallélisme entre l’élément studieux qui : observe, élabore des hypothèses, expérimente de nouvelles solutions, et les actions d’un enfant qui joue : observe, élabore des hypothèses, expérimente de nouvelles solutions.

Quoi faire ?

1- Les exercices

L’expérience motrice doit correspondre à un « vécu positif ». Les espaces, les temps, les instruments disent que l’enfant, au sein de ce gymnase, est capable de savoir faire assez de choses, avec fair play, il manque souvent cette connaissance de sa santé et de son bien-être, qui influence l’activité.

2- Le jeu

Le schéma classique qui consiste à se présenter et faire voir des jeux ne fonctionne plus si on ne comprend pas le « pourquoi » du jeu. L’élément commun est le jeu, qui doit savoir s’adapter à l’enfant, en sachant que nous devons encourager pour un résultat ludique-formatif et non technico-tactique.

Le modèle du minibasket devrait :

Soigner l’aspect des choses qu’ils doivent savoir ;

Ce que je suis en train d’apprendre et quand j’ai besoin d’habituer les enfants à utiliser leur tête

Faire attention à la compétence et à l’apprentissage technique en sachant qu’il y a abandon s’il y a trop peu d’espace.

Comment l’instructeur doit aider l’enfant ?

En lui permettant d’acquérir des connaissances utiles

Le conduisant à apprendre des habilités qui sont nécessaires pour pratiquer le minibasket

Le faire s’emparer des meilleures connaissances pour jouer un match

Savoir enseigner avec une théorie et une méthodologie des activités motrices et sportives, en sachant très bien que l’éducateur sportif, qui travaille avec les enfants dans le cadre de l’introduction au sport, bien souvent ancien athlète par choix des clubs, doit savoir utiliser toutes les raisons spontanées liées au jeu et au plaisir de bouge

Réflexion sur la motivation et le divertissement.

Le sport individuel, comme le sport d’équipe, que cela soit un sport de contact ou non, est pratiqué par des athlètes de haut niveau mais aussi de niveau amateur, passionnés, poussés uniquement par le but de se divertir.

On acquiert de l’expérience à travers la réalisation d’un type d’exercice, comme par exemple dans le basket, courir et marquer un panier. Il faut comprendre que l’évaluation que l’athlète fait de ses activités sportives se traduit par son niveau de satisfaction quand il est en compétition, en comprenant également par les signaux qui proviennent de son corps, quels sont les points forts et les points faibles de sa performance.

Das Ziel eines Trainer ist ein Team das taktisch gut spielen kann.

Das Ziel eines Instruktors ist es uns zu motivieren.
Man muss investieren “und Gesicht”

Tradotto in italiano : L’obiettivo di un allenatore è una squadra che può giocare tatticamente bene. L’obiettivo di un istruttore è di motivarci. Devi investire e ” affrontare”.

Dobbiamo quindi giocare e quindi dobbiamo sapere che è necessario compiere un esercizio fisico e mentale fatto per divertimento e che possiamo fare anche svolgendo una competizione e cioè una gara.



La mia scelta è stata ” creazione e sviluppo motorio, tutti hanno il loro progetto motorio, quando sono uscito per seguire negli sport di squadra gruppi femminili, oppure maschili, in sport come pallacanestro o calcio, mischiandomi con gli adulti, mi è mancata l’attività motoria di base


My choice was “creation and motor development”; everyone has their motor project. When they I have followed men or women team sports, sports such as basketball or football, staying with adults, I have lacked basic motor activity.

Che in Vietnam può diventare ( più o meno )

Hoạt động motor Lựa chọn của tôi là “sáng tạo và phát triển motor “. Mỗi người đều có những dự án motor cho riêng mình. Khi họ tham gia những bộ môn thể thao như bóng đá, bóng rổ với những người lớn, tôi đã thiếu đi hoạt động motor căn bản.