Interview with Andrius Banys.

Where do you train, where does your experience come from, where did you study basketball?

Last studies that I did, was Euroleague Head Coaches Board Academy, was very good studies with the best coaches in Europe. Also I’m trying to watch basketball clinics or just study basketball games, always trying to learn something new. If I have chance I also try to go and watch practices of good teams and coaches. Now I’m working with youth, before I had some experience working with professional teams in Lithuania as an assistant and head coach.

What team do you coach, how is the championship progressing?

One month ago I came back to Qatar where I was working before with the youth players.

What exercises do you introduce, regarding the fundamentals, which become a game?

Now when I’m back working with the youth, it’s all about fundamentals, always working on correct shooting form, footwork, moving without or with the ball, defensive footwork and many other things. I believe fundamentals and details are super important not only with youth but also when you come into professional level. When you start pre season, I think you have to have couple of practices to remind all the players basic fundamentals individual and team. Then you can start building on that.

What do you think of European basketball?

I love it, especially watching Euroleague and Eurocup games, where you have amazing coaches, very high level players. Now we are having Euroleague playoffs where we had some amazing series and tactical battles between coaches and it was fun to watch. And to be honest I don’t really watch NBA games, so for me it’s easy to say that I prefer at this moment European basketball.

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