Interview with Ljuba Kolarevic

How long have you been training?

Well I am coach from 1999….23 years…last 11 years with seniors in Romania…women basketball..

What prompted you to choose basketball?

Answer is very simple..I am from Serbia, and basketball there is religion…lot of good results what made ex Yugoslavia promoted me to make this choice!

What do you love about your job?

When I decided to finish my basketball carrier, I want to stay somehow in in basketball..choices to be or coach or referee…for me was simple, I want to learn and to teach in the same time, from first moment until now and in the future same…to share my knowledge and learn!!!

The story of your current sporting season?

Last 5 seasons I am in basketball club KSE Targu Secuiesc, Romanian first league, women…This season was most successful in the history of the club, because we are smallest city in the league, with not so big budget, with very young players, we played play off first time, and made some really good results !!!

What do you think of european basketball?

Honestly I am not big fun of basketball in America, I mean nba,wnba. ..and on that way I like much more European basketball, where still you can watch real basketball, with some good tactics, with good coaches, something like game of chess…

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