Interview with Henry Briscoe

How long have you been involved in basketball?

I’ve been working with basketball athletes for over 20 years. Starting at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Where do you work, in which league, with what tasks?

I’m currently the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Al Rayyan Sports Club of the Qatar Basketball Federation. My job is to improve our athletes performance by using optimal Weight training, Conditioning, Recovery and nutritional protocols. I also help with players rehabilitation.

What are the needs of a basketball player for psychological and physiological growth today?

A player has to be strong mentally as well as physically. I always try to put our players in a challenging competitive environment. For example I like to do tons of balance work while lifting weights always trying to work as much muscle as possible within that exercise. The game is played in an unstable chaotic environment so we train that way. I also make sure I use as much positive feedback as possible. It’s ok to tell a player what they did wrong but you have to immediately show them how to improve and also let them know what they’re doing right.

The right behavior for an athlete in your opinion?

A player has to have a positive attitude with a willingness to learn. Players need to understand that this is a tough sport and a lot of information is giving on a daily basis. They have to want to get better at their craft by putting in the work and paying attention to detail however they must be patient because every day every game is different.

What do you think of european basketball?

European Basketball is played at a high level. The players have Great skills and are very hardworking and motivated. I’ve noticed that European players and coaches pay strict attention to detail and you can see the love for the game in every thing they do. I highly admire European Basketball.

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