A thought for you : Out for XMAS

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Dickens and the Christmas wishes
Through Scrooge dialogue Christmas places, such as a little walk, are present all around for everybody, there are in place where it’s beautiful give credit to the city for example when Ebenizer meets the businessman, they aren’t satisfied with a still city they want one that has movement, coming towards them. The society always comes out with Dickens, wonderful apparitions not only we also realise the value of modern fiction.

Dickens and the Christmas spirit

In conclusion Dickens in a Christmas carol is clear, he wrote “man, listen with your heart” withdraw telling “these hateful things”. then like he writes it you have to find it out, obviously reading it on the book which original title is “ A Christmas Carol in prose. Being a ghost story of Christmas”. Scrooge looks bad and answers even worse at whomever tries to sing a christmas carol. As you read Dickens is best to say that “ a beautiful place like the sun” with Christmas is also very quoted for publishing house because of its difficult style and vocabulary.
it’s up to Scrooge to support with precision everywhere, if you want to be good find place in the journey of the soul in every man

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