La mission.

The doggerel of mini-basket. A physical,relational and terapeutic task.

We ask the reader to sit back and relax,like preparing for a journey,we don’t have to remember a particolar event,or keep track of all our mensil expenses,that we had sustained throughout the years to practice sport,knowing from Istat’s data that those who practice sport in a continous way they are under the 25%,it’s not a high percentage,it refers on the data diffused in 2018.Lovers of the sport you’re welcome,the research you are reading is dedicated to the construction of a programmed teaching for kids,whether they are hours of activity dedicated to the “motor’s creation and development”,we built the dictionary in the years,thanks to the experience,now twenty years old in the Minibasket Center,here we have to establish the difference between what we acquired in contact with the reality of the sector in Italy,and what we have experimented,individually,which found space in this book,which obviously knows that the scientific language is awaited from an hard work of research and construction.To create the text,I have to dwell on the value of the natural resources of the places in which we live,which often let us know that the communication,to be shared and enlarged,needs the right spaces,in which the users,can be involved,in the recipients,which aren’t webistes,but mostly the cultural events,which often the tourism’s clients choose.The first difference,in our task,is exactly this”challenge with lessons for kids”,related to the crossing of space,here you will under stand how the route ,in time makes you more or less expert.So as first topic let’s get inside a Minibasket Center

I would be interested in asking you…

We are interested in..

 practical understanding.………………….

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