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Giuseppe Di Summa have a 1st level degree – Degree/Bachelor, in Operartion or amministration pubblic and private at the university of Bari. He has experience as a coach ( Minibasket )and dirigent of basketball matured during his 20 years of work as such. From 2004 he has and direct his own web project. He also has experience as speaker gained while working in a web radio.
Former amatorial athlete of soccer, basketball and tennis. He directed minibasket center, participated in association, helped in various research and activities, now present on his personal website.

La filastrocca è stata un dominio web, già nei primi anni del web, in questa mail ricordiamo, come fu presentata al pubblico. Ora il dominio trova vita su CAMBIO GIORNO insieme al pubblico che lo segue.

Vi sono anche spazi dove il movimento crea del suono, viene realizzato in questa ottica, visto che anche lo sport suona, balla, non è questo il caso di questo studio, che si occupa nel ricordo di quello che educa e fornisce motivazione, nel nome, aggiunge un esperienza positiva, che s’incontra e continua, che sa che l’organizzazione muscolare, per produrre il suono che serve, è uno sforzo differente.


It’s all ready to enter the gym dressed with sport suit and shoes together with our kids ,who don’t have to speak about us in a boring way but have to see in our charisma a great way to enthuse e share messages.
For their and our security we provide 3 more definitions:
Creation;for us a research center to elaborate and realize a modelProgress;for us the performance,oral or written discussion of a topicMotory;that serves the motion which means that it makes the body move in the space or that create a first element of modern words(Taken from “Presentazione della Filastrocca del Minibasket”)
Running, jumping and Walking

The program “La Filastrocca Del Minibasket.” 

 “We should often remember that even the United Nations recognized for children “the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities that are typical of their age and the right to participate freely to cultural and artistic life “. Many of them should be involved in the idea of ​​participating in a Summer Camping. It should not be a surprise for them to spend the summer playing since, already in the Middle Age, “Early Summer Games” were practiced, even if they did not follow any kind of regulation. Today the summer camps are used to discover archaeological sites but also sport. Let them play a game: Minibasket. Minibasket is for children between 5 and 11 years, whether they are creative, introverted, extrovert, weak, tenacious, male or female. They will have to face physical, technical and tactical maturation. Who is the student? The child who chooses to practice Minibasket on his purpose. We must therefore take care of the children’s dream and their emotions but we can not work by considering our experience only, we must avoid the mistake of creating an inadequate context too. The Instructor should not be a sad teacher but someone who can stimulate the knowledge of Biddy Basketball. He must know how to distinguish the emotions of the child from those of the adults, accepting a role, in which we must be ready to question ourselves.
What to teach and what is important to learn?
– a motor learning – forming the personality – motivate in school learning
Learning means to develop:
– Affective Area
– Body Area
– Social Area
– Cognitive area
How to carry out our intervention.
Trying to create collaboration with institutions, first of all the school, which, together with the companies sports, can ensure that you do not give space to the investment of “so much money”, even if we need it, and give the possibility of educating and training.
It would be appropriate to find a leader, perhaps a professional in motor activity, a graduate in physical education, but also young collaborators who want to share solidarity, friendship and passion (we have an interest together).
We try to enhance what the child has lived, to make his desire for movement also
possibility to play and communicate.
It should be remembered that it is with the daily practice that we can verify and improve what the children already learn during winter, both in the classroom and in the gym.

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