Presentazione : La nostra parabola intellettuale

Source : La filastrocca del Minibasket.

AVVISO : Dal 24 Aprile il Blog CAMBIO GIORNO trasmette dei post ” registrati “, prima del virus, non forniremo agli utenti, nessun dato da questa data, non scritto prima del Febbraio del 2020. Non possiamo approfondire, aumentare, come forma di occupazione, in questo momento, nessuna forma di comunicazione, riguardante il tempo che trascorriamo, che non abbiamo brevemente inserito, nel Blog, nella chiusura, definitiva, della sezione dedicata al Parlare e dire di politica. Abbiamo scelto un messaggio registrato, da tempo, fino al Dicembre del 2020. Si chiede scusa, al lettore, se alcune questioni sono prolisse, in questo aggiornamento, sono questioni, interne, che riguardano, solo noi e il nostro blog.

Chi fa un sacrificio, uno sforzo, ha diritto ad una tecnologia, che lo aiuti, che renda produttivo il suo impegno.

Ongoing basis

CHANGE DAY,the ufficial blog of Giuseppe Di Summa,welcomes a route of writing,which summarize,how I wrote in those years.In the next 5 years no written texts of any kind are expected,who writes has already given to the world of writers his/her contribution.The level of lexicon reached,with a very clear text isnt always easy to explain,how you will read in the part dedicated to the “Filastrocca del Minibasket”,not only to translate,how you read,instead,here on the website,a certain professionality is required,I assure you that the translation is entrused to experts.It’s not easy to comprehend a text,not only the community of trainers,is full of linguistic abilities,that certainly have more spaces in the doggerel of Giuseppe Di Summa.The text,which has become an E-Book, has the only goal,not easy,to be translated,for an entire network,in a foreign language.A working interaction must begin.The analysis is outdated,nowadays with the texts,in the month we will become “synthetics”.The initial language is the one of Giuseppe Di Summa,that with a path,knows that he has to arrive at the difficult,challenging,language of the sporty culture,seen that our development scheme has always been culture and welfare.
As all fellow instructors have decided, it takes a book,that makes the path of teaching a sporty activity known,who writes,has decided a small step,to thank who has host him in province of Brindisi from 1997,to 2020,cities like Oria,Latiano,San Vito dei Normanni, Torre S, Susanna, S. Pancrazio Salentino, Ceglie Messapica,seen that when I was playing at Francavilla Fontana,I had decided of taking a tour of the cities in the province of Brindisi,as a player,instructor,dirigent,today this tour it’s over,we have the result,you imagine learning a sports team,it can be seen for instance in the field,from the number of steps,moreover the creation of a teamplay is fundamental.Impossible thing with only technique and tactic,the functional interpersonal relationship are needed.This bond between games and territory is fundamental,to gain experience.How has a player trained with us,how did it change the team,over time,is important.The program “la filastrocca del minibasket” deal with this problem,in his E-Book.The good techniques are not rare,the good players,that knows that from the training the games isnt always as the expected it to be.If you weren’t expecting of reading this E-Book,if I caught you by surprise,the danger in not reading it is not,seen the topic from 5 to 11 years,your percentage of success,but rather knowing how to prepare the next kid,who is interested in the team play of basketball,the one in the open space with good coaches and good players.What can we understand from the movement of the little ones?The excesses,as first thing in proposing them immediately,for hands and feet,too much technique,the possibility of making them understand the cognitive and motor importance of a physical activity,not only of being in a space,the one of minibasket,where he can be stimulated in a great way,he can also imagine things that will not be real when he grow.


Commento di Giuseppe DI SUMMA

COMMENTI DEL NOSTRO TEMPO : Oggi, a fine Aprile 2020, ci chiediamo, potendo guardare dal balcone di casa, se davvero siamo stati lì, come ritorneranno e quando, qui movimenti. Ci chiediamo ” QUANDO ? “


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